Results from Bann Head of the River 2011

Results from Bann Head of the River 2011

Brilliant Day at Bann Head of the River Races.

Sixty seven crews from all over Ireland competed in glorious sunshine and excellent racing conditions at the 2011 Bann Head of the River races.  Raced upstream, into the flow, from Seaton’s to just above the Bann boathouse, the course provided a true test for coaches to gauge how their winter endurance training was progressing.

The first race saw Queens Senior quad. record a very fast time of 14:37 when they just managed to pip a much, much younger Bann quad by under thirteen seconds. In the second race the tables were turned when Bann coach Seamus Reynolds sent out an incredible Bann four, with the 17 year old double European Champions Joel Cassells and Christopher Black, being teamed up with Irish Champions Matthew Wray and Conor Logan, to take on the senior Queens sweep rowing four. Not only did the Bann men win, but did so in 14:24, which was the fastest time of the day.

The Bann Ladies eight looked extremely strong and well prepared by their coach Geoff Bones, who was delighted with the their winning time of 17:29 in their first race of this season. Irish Champion Sarah Allen and Emily Hutchinson both showed first class form in the ladies sculls, scoring 20:34 and 21:18 respectively, well ahead of many crews including a men’s novice eight!

Bann’s masters eight’s excellent row was completely overshadowed by a very serious health issue affecting a vital member of the crew at the half way mark.  After being detained overnight in Coleraine hospital the entire Club wish Arthur Donaghy a very speedy recovery.

Junior Coach Jeremy Johnston was encouraged by the plucky performances of his two development crews, and said that the future looked bright and that everyone had gained valuable experience. Coach Seamus Reynolds mentioned the fast time of Bann’s  mens J16 eight of 15:14 and singled out young sculler John Gordon for particular mention, saying that John was training very well and had already set excellent times this year in the Alan Campbell scull ladder. His winning race time of 19:42 in the MJ16 sculls, against the flow, means that competition is already very fierce to get selected for Bann’s Championship crews.

Club Captain Keith Leighton thanked all the rowing Clubs for participating, especially our friends Carrick on Shannon who had been travelling since five in the morning. He thanked the sponsors “Cookstown” for adding a tasty sizzle, and his background crew for planning and executing a flawless event. He mentioned the help given by the Ambulance service, the water safety team and Linda in “the Kitchen”. Everyone was warmly invited back to Bann, to race against the Olympian legends, in the Bann Boxing Day scratch races.


Boat Number Club Category

& Boat



Adjusted Time
1 QUBC M SEN 4X- 14:37.87
3 BANN RC A M SEN 4X- 14:50.57
4 BANN RC B M SEN 4X- 15:12.75
6 BANN RC M J16 8+ 15:14.58
11 BANN RC W J18A 8+ 17:29.81
13 BELFAST RC (E) MM 8+ 17:45.09 16:07.09
17 CAI M J15 8+ 17:49.28
21 CAI A M J18B 2- 18:00.70
15 LADY VICT. (E) MM 8+ 18:06.21 16:27.21
14 BANN RC (D) MM 8+ 18:27.50 17:19.50
16 BELFAST RC (F) MM 8+ 18:39.61 16:35.55
20 CARRICK RC M INT 2- 18:52.32
7 QUBC M NOV 8+ 18:56.30
22 CAI B M J18B 2- 19:52.20
9 QUBC B M NOV 8+ 20:10.59
23 CAI M J16 2X 20:45.58
8 BELFAST RC M NOV 8+ 20:50.99
24 BELFAST BC (F) MM 2X 21:29.65 18:29.6
26 CARRICK RC W J16 2X 21:44.07
18 QUBC LADIES W NOV 8+ 21:53.41
25 BELFAST BC (E) MM 1X 22:08.35 19:08.4
28 CARRICK RC W J15 2X 23:22.91
27 CARRICK RC B W J16 2X 26:22.32
29 CARRICK RC B W J15 2X 27:50.88
30 CARRICK RC M J15 4X+ 24:06.46 Time only
31 CARRICK RC M NOV 4+ 19:14.49 Time only
32 CARNLOUGH RC COASTAL 25:52.38 Time only


Boat No. Name Club Category & Boat Race Time Adjusted Time
36 BANN RC M SEN 4- 14:24.59
35 QUBC M SEN 4- 14:37.88
38 BANN RC M INT 4+ 15:42.22
48 QUBC M NOV 4+ 15:59.69
37 CAI M J18B 4- 16:04.85
46 BANN RC M J16 4+ 16:21.17
39 QUB LADIES BC W SEN 4- 17:14.01
47 CAI M J16 4+ 17:20.90
43 EVANS QUBC D M SEN 1X 17:47.40
41 O’CONNOR QUBC B M SEN 1X 17:52.26
63 CAI B M J15 4X+ 18:00.41
55 BELFAST BC (E) MM 4+ 18:20.41 16:48.41
56 BANN RC M J16 4X+ 18:21.45
51 LITTLE CARRICK RC M J18A 1X 18:26.38
44 ARCHIBALD CAI M SEN 1X 18:34.97
52 GORDON BANN RC M J16 1X 19:42.31
53 MCKAY CAI B M J18B 1X 19:50.37
50 BELFAST RC M NOV 4+ 19:52.40
68 BELFAST RC W NOV 4+ 19:53.82
57 ALLEN BANN RC A W J18A 1X 20:34.46
62 CAI A M J15 4X+ 20:41.28
60 CARRICK RC M J15 4X+ 20:57.95
59 HUTCHINSON BANN RC B W J18A 1X 21:18.03
61 BANN RC M J15 4X+ 22:09.70
65 KELLY CARRICK RC B W J16 1X 22:28.35
64 COONEY CARRICK RC A W J16 1X 22:54.47
69 QUBC LADIES W NOV 8 23:53.48 Time Only
67 MCCABE CARRICK RC B W J15 1X 24:49.50

November 12th, 2011

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