Bann Rowing Club Racing One pieces and tops have arrived

Bann Rowing Club Racing One pieces and tops have arrived

Godfreys one pieces and racing tops have arrived. The Club have already paid for this clothing so it is important that the money comes in asap.

One pieces cost £36 and racing tops £28,

Some older ones may wish to sell racing tops back to the Club as they move up to one pieces, speak to Jeremy regarding this.

The following girls ordered one pieces, H. Millar (M), E Thompson (M) P Haslam (S) V McCormick (M) E Barry(L)  S Chestnutt(M) B Edgar(M) L Lyons(S) Girls who ordered racing tops L Fleming (L) L Ferguson (S) and A Cassells(S)

Boys one pieces J Gordon(M) J Wilson(L) R Sherman (M) T Stracken(M) C Black(M) and Bill Stracken(XL) 

Boys racing tops C Boyle,C Wright, C Dudley Fergus, T Hancock, R Stewart, L Beech, R Clyde, J Maguire, and M Leighton

February 25th, 2011

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