NEPTUNE REGATTA, DUBLIN Saturday 6th April 2013

NEPTUNE REGATTA, DUBLIN Saturday 6th April 2013

Bann Rowing Club is taking one of its largest contingent of athletes to compete at Neptune Regatta on Saturday, 6th April 2013.  The coaches would encourage all parents / relatives to come and support family members in Dublin as they represent Bann Rowing Club.

The racing takes place in the Phoenix Park, Dublin and given kind weather it is a very pleasant place to enjoy a day’s sport.  Please visit the following sites for directions and information on the day’s racing: –

A total of 5 minibuses will leave from the boathouse on Saturday morning at various intervals, depending on the times the athletes require to be in Dublin.







W Novice 4+

WJ15 Quad (Bann B)

WJ15 Quad (Bann C)

MJ14 Quad

MJ15 Quad

MJ15 Double

Stephen Smyth

Chris Alcorn




WJ16 Quad (Bann A)

WJ16 Quad (Bann B)

WJ15 Quad (Bann A)

WJ15 Double

WJ14 Quad

M Novice Eight

MJ16 Eight

MJ16 Double



W Novice Eight

W Novice Scull

M Intermediate Four

M Intermediate Eight

The cost of travel and entrance fees is dependent on the number of events entered: –

One event   –        £21.00

 Two events  –        £29.00

Transport has been provided for all athletes, should you choose not to use it you will still owe the fees as above.  It is important that you tell the coaches beforehand , if your son/daughter will not be travelling on the coach.

Please bring the correct money on Saturday morning 

All athletes are required to have

  • A Bann Racing Top
  • Change of clothes.
  • Enough food to last them for the day (Some food may be purchased at nearby boathouses but this should not be solely relied on, and likewise some buses may stop on the way home at the motorway services but this will be dependent on time).

We hope to be back in Coleraine for 10:30pm at the latest.  Coaches should be in a position to know approximately when the various buses will return as the day progresses.  They in turn will keep the athletes informed who can then contact home to arrange collection.

 Good Luck to all involved J

April 3rd, 2013

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