Overdue Club membership fees

Overdue Club membership fees

In December 2010 all members were written to and asked that all membership fees or standing orders were paid or in place by the end of January 2011.

A considerable number of membership fees are still outstanding.

Bann Rowing Club endeavours to make rowing affordable to all and works within very small margins to remain solvent.  For example junior membership is £108 per year or £9 per month.

Payment of fees is required immediately; either the entire amount by cheque, or a cheque to cover the first 4 months ie 33% and a standing order commencing the 1st of May to cover the rest.  Junior fees £108 0r £36 plus standing order from 01/05/11.

No athlete will be permitted to row or represent the Club without at least part payment of membership fees being received.

Should anyone required to pay fees  have any issues, please speak directly to a Club committee member or in the case of a junior, the coach for that person.

March 18th, 2011

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